Updated: 27/06/2021


Border crossing of non-Hungarian citizens


Foreign citizens arriving from abroad in passenger traffic – unless otherwise specified by law or government decree – shall not enter Hungary.


The competent local police body located at the place of the planned entry into the territory of Hungary - in case of crossing the border at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport the BRFK XVIII District Police Headquarters – may grant an exemption upon request.

The police authority may allow entry if the applicant proves that the purpose of entry is

  1. participation in a Hungarian court or public authority proceedings and the participation is certified by a document of a Hungarian court or an authority,
  2. receiving health care service, certified by a document issued by the health care institution or by other appropriate document,
  3. meeting study or exam obligations under student status certified by a document which is issued by the educational institution,
  4. taking part in cargo related passenger traffic if the aim of the travel is either to get to the cargo transport’s point of departure, or to get home after carrying out such cargo transport duty, if certified by a document which is issued by the employer,
  5. participation in family events (wedding, funeral, christening),
  6. taking care of a relative pursuant to the Act V of 2013 on Civil Code,
  7. taking part in an international religious event of a special significance;
  8. other justifiable reasons outside that covered by point (1)-(7).

The request may be submitted

  • (a) only electronically in Hungarian or English,
  • (b) by a legal representative or through an agent with a certification of an authorisation granted in a private document with full probative value.

If the entry takes place at the same time and the reason for entry is the same, an authorized representative may submit an application on behalf of several persons if the receipt of the authorization of the persons concerned is attached.

In the case of crossing the border for the same reason and time, it is sufficient to submit an application for close relatives living in the same household as the applicant.

The application shall indicate the purpose of the entry, the identity document to be used for crossing the border, the identification number of the document and the application shall be accompanied by the following:

  • (a) a copy of the document – where possible due to the reason of the request – certifying the purpose of entry,
  • (b) the authorization letter if acting through an agent.

The request can be submitted only

  • a) using the electronic administration portal sending the necessary electronic form via client gateway or company official gateway,
  • b) in the absence of the possibility to use a company official gateway or client gateway: it can be submitted by filling in and submitting an intelligent e-form which available on the police website.

The competent police authorities will reject the application if

  • a) any doubt exists in relation to purpose of entry
  • the entry poses
    • (ba) epidemiological risk,
    • (bb) risk to public order or security
    • bc) risk to national security.

An appeal against the decision of the competent police authority shall be reassessed and adjudicated by the county police headquarters, which has right of adequate oversight.

The original copy of the document submitted in order to prove evidence for the justification of the application (hereinafter referred to as: the document certifying the justification) shall be presented by the person exempted from the entry ban (hereinafter referred to as: licensee) upon entry into the territory of Hungary at the request of the police officer. The entry shall be refused if the licensee does not present the original copy of the document proving the validity, or if its authenticity is in doubt at the time of entry.

Upon entering Hungary, the person may undergo a medical examination to which he/she is obliged to submit,

  • a) a person who is suspected of being infected by a health inspection or test cannot enter into territory of Hungary,
  • b) who is not suspected of being infected during the health inspection shall be placed in quarantine or official home quarantine designated by the competent epidemiological authority for 10 days.

At the request of the quarantined person, the epidemiological authority competent to issue the quarantine decision may allow the quarantined person to undergo, within 5 days, at least 48 hours difference, twice a molecular biology examination in compliance with professional medical practice - SARS-CoV-2 PCR test - attend in order to grant the waiver.

The first test (molecular biological test in accordance with health professional rules - the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test) made in a Schengen member state, in the Republic of Croatia, in the United States of America or in Canada must be taken also into account. The result of the test must be certified in Hungarian or English.

If the two molecular biological tests, the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test, attest or confirm that person in the quarantine SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not detectable at the time of the test, the competent epidemiological authority shall issue a decision on the quarantine order to  grant an exemption.

Equity request to cross the state border (online forms)


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