Why Hungary?



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HIPA - Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency

The one-stop-shop management consultancy services ensure tailor-made offers and information packages for companies interested to invest in Hungary. You will get access to necessary information about available investment sites, incentives, labour market, business environment, local suppliers and more. HIPA helps your company to deliver strategic investment decisions by providing accurate information and relevant advice as well as mediate between government and business based on your inputs to ensure our common success.




Exim - Hungarian Export-Import Bank Plc. (Eximbank) and the Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Plc.

Acting as a tool for providing economic-policy incentive, the mission of Eximbank and MEHIB is to support Hungarian exporting enterprises in facilitating the retention of jobs, growth in employment and an expansion of Hungary’s export capacities. The state-owned Eximbank and MEHIB perform the tasks of Hungary’s export credit agency, which are regulated by the legislative frameworks of the OECD and the EU, with the basic objective of facilitating the sale of Hungarian goods and services in foreign markets.


Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At international level, the Chamber's main objectives include assistance to Hungarian entrepreneurs in foreign markets and exploring new partnership opportunities, in particular with neighbouring countries. The Chamber’s membership to the Eurochamber and the ICC in 1990 opened new ways for an intensive lobbying activity.


Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)

The 165 year old Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is a determining public body with regards the economic and social life of Budapest with the biggest membership among the Economic Chambers. BCCI has more than 4,000 members representing trade, industrial, business service providing and handicraft private entrepreneurs and business organizations in Budapest.


National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA)

Whether you are an individual or an operator interested, we are confident that the available information on the website is useful for you. It is very important for us that the citizens of other nations also get acces to the tax and customs rules in force in Hungary to help the work of those who do not speak perfect Hungarian.


Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH)

The activities of the GVH in connection with the safeguarding of competition rest on the following three pillars. 1) competition supervision proceedings - the enforcement of the national and the Community competition law; 2) competition advocacy - the GVH tries to influence state decisions; 3) competition culture - the objective of the GVH is to contribute to the development of competition culture by the dissemination of knowledge about competition policy, in order to raise public awareness of competition issues, and by the promotion of the development of competition-related legal and economic activities of public interest.


Government Office of the Capital City Budapest - Department of Trade, Defence Industry, Export Control and Precious Metal Assay

The main activity of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest is to implement authoritative-administrative tasks in field of (a) state administration of foreign trade,(b) surveillance of production and service in armament industry, certain tasks in (c) trade, (d) market-surveillance, (e) surveillance of public warehouses, (f) assaying and hallmarking of precious metals and (g) metrology and (h) technical safety.